Hello I'm Lystra, owner of Radiance Laser & Medical Clinic, as a teenager, I always wanted to have my own business. Living in a country where the sky is the limit, I had so many ideas and could never choose what exactly I wanted to own. I put that desire aside when I began my career in the healthcare industry in 2003. I had the most wonderful bosses who made going to work enjoyable and fulfilling. After over 16 years in that field, the desire for business ownership started to creep back in and I started exploring options. There were several obstacles that came my way but all led to the desire to help people.

I like to surround myself with positive people and what better way to do that than have a Medical Aesthetic Clinic where I can help people achieve their personal enhancement goals. The desire to provide a service that can help boost confidence and encourage people to be their most authentic self is what I hope to achieve.

When you come to the clinic, my desire is to provide a welcoming, relaxing environment where you can make informed decisions about your personal goals whether it is hair removal, skin rejuvenation or body sculpting.

My desire is for you to be bold, be radiant, and to be the best version of yourself! I look forward to our journey together.

"Statement of Inclusivity"

Radiance Laser & Medical Aesthetics is committed to providing an inclusive environment and safe space for all clients. We welcome people from all diverse cultures and backgrounds as well as transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people for the service of their choice.