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Modern laser technology offering long-term hair removal solutions

Laser Hair Removal Services

Candela NdYag Laser Technology

Other technologies do not allow for effective hair removal for some skin tones, however the Candela® GentleYag Pro-U is designed to treat patients of all skin types.

At Radiance Laser Clinic, the profound Candela® GentleYag Pro-U is used to offer laser hair removal to a wider variety of patients.

The Candela® GentleYag Pro-U can be used for a variety of other treatments. At our clinic, we utilize it for:

The Candela® GentleYag Pro-U uses intense beams of light to safely heat the treatment area without harming surrounding tissue. The targeted cells absorb the heat, resulting in safe, effective treatment for a variety of cosmetic issues from hair removal to skin rejuvenation.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Who Is laser Good For?

For each patient, a thorough consultation is provided to create a personalized treatment plan. 

We review medical history for each patient.

We assess medications and contraindications with treatment.

We review how Laser Hair Removal can work for you and how it may not work for you and why.

We discuss laser technologies and how they differ from IPL (Intense Pulse Light), Diode Laser, Alexandrite Laser, and NdYag Laser.

We will discuss the average amount of treatments recommended to achieve optimal results. Most patients can achieve their desired level of improvement after 6-8 sessions.

The GentleYag Pro-U can be used on all skin types and is ideal for individuals with darker skin tones who desire laser hair removal and has proven results with diminishing ingrown hairs, beard bumps and hyperpigmentation

Before Your Laser Treatment

Preparing For Hair removal

For laser hair removal, patients should shave the area prior to treatment with the Candela® GentleYag Pro-U.

Avoid bleaching, waxing, or plucking for 4-6 weeks before and after treatment.

Depending on your skin type, it might be recommended for you to come in prior to your scheduled appointment to try a test spot.

After Your Laser Treatment

Aftercare For Hair Removal

Following your treatment, the following is recommended:

  • Avoid using makeup for 24 hours after laser hair removal
  • Use a sunblock (SPF 30+) at all times throughout the course of treatment
  • Avoid any intense exercise for 48 hours
  • During the first week after treatment, patients should avoid retinoid, glycolics, and salicylic acid agents
  • Some patients may choose to use a soothing topical product, such as aloe vera
  • Avoid scratching or picking at the skin in the treated area
  • After laser hair removal, patients may experience redness or swelling in the treated area, but this should subside after 2-3 days
  • Clean the area with a gentle cleanser for at least one week
  • Patients should avoid sun exposure to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation (darker pigmentation)


Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Typically every 4-6 weeks depending on the area to be treated.  We will discuss hair growth cycles with you at your consultation so that you are aware of the frequency of your treatments.

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