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Our Cellulite Reduction Treatments Can Help You Feel Your Best!

Skin Tightening & Cellulite Reduction

Thanks to the introduction of non-invasive, pain free body sculpting technologies, you can reach your desired skin appearance after a series of target treatments.

Using highly innovative methods, Radiofrequency (RF) energies melt away cellulite and effectively destroy fat cells. The results are noticeable within the first few treatments and lasts with a well balanced lifestyle.

Radiofrequency creates focused heat, thus contracting collagen and tightens the skin, without damaging surrounding tissue. Using IPL, & RF technologies together, allows deep, yet safe penetration into the multiple skin layers, subsequently remodelling collagen, tightening skin and reducing the appearance of scars. 

In addition, it ensures immediate, long-lasting results in just a few visits to the clinic, with limited to no downtime. All in all, a great non-invasive way to get the skin health you’re looking for.

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Cellulite Reduction SharpLight

State-of-the-art med-aesthetic systems are helping the many seeking smoother skin reduce the appearance of cellulite, which affects approximately 1 in 3 people.

Through Radio Frequency (RF) and Selective Electro Heating technologies, SharpLight’s treatments combat this common skin condition, consisting of fat deposits under the skin’s surface that cause a dimpled appearance, most often in the thigh and buttock area, as well as the arms and abdomen.

These advanced technologies tighten skin and reduce cellulite by increasing the temperature of the fat cells in a specified area, which promotes the liberation and destruction of fat cells (lipolytic effect) and stimulates the increased production of collagen in the dermis, restoring the skin’s elasticity.

Bipolar Radio Frequency increases local blood and lymphatic circulation and promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue and the drainage of localized fatty deposits and cellulite cells.

Radio Frequency Technology To Restore Your Skin

What is Radio Frequency Technology?

Radio-frequency (RF) is a safe and effective technology that has been clinically proven to rejuvenate facial skin, contour the body, reduce cellulite and more.The advantage of RF is its ability to deliver heat to the tissue non-specifically – unlike lasers that cause selective photothermolysis depending on the type of chromophores, RF delivers heat to the tissue based on the properties of the tissue itself, i.e. its level of electrical resistance.

SharpLight’s innovative med-aesthetic systems effectively sculpt bodies in the image of the clients’ ideals – without surgery. Our advanced technologies dissolve cellulite, eliminate fat and tighten skin to produce visibly slimmer and shapelier forms and more youthful looking skin. These results are achieved in a relatively small number of short, pain-free treatment sessions that require no down time.

Through the application of two types of energy, radio frequency (RF)* and infrared light (IR), our body contouring therapies yield impressive results. First, the radio frequency* waves target and heat the fat cells collected beneath the skin, which causes them to break down, be absorbed by the lymphatic system and be naturally disposed of. Once the appropriate size reduction is achieved, the infrared light is applied to renew collagen cells and tighten the skin,leaving clients with the shape they desire and elastic, glowing skin. 

SharpLight’s systems offer a highly effective, efficient and non-invasive solution to body contouring.


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