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Skin Lesion Removal

Not all Skin Tags and Moles should be removed in a Medical Aesthetic Clinic. Some are required to be removed by a Plastic Surgeon or in a Family Physician’s office.

At Radiance Laser Clinic, we screen all of our clients to ensure it is a skin lesion safe for us to remove. We reserve the right to refuse treatment if it is deemed unsafe to do so.

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Moles vs. Skin Tag

A Mole is usually dark and flat, can be uniform or irregularly shaped, some are cancerous (melanoma). Screening is done to ensure safety for removal.

Skin Tags are harmless fleshy overgrowth and usually have a small base and sticks out from the skin. They are most commonly on the neck, underarms and around the eyes.

Removal Methods available at Radiance Laser Clinic:

  • Chryotherapy by use of a ChryoPen (Liquid Nitrogen)
  • Electrocautery – heat based treatment involving cutting the skin lesion.


A consultation is performed to ensure safety for these treatments.


Questions About Skin Tag / Mole Removal

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