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Additional Services

Counselling Services


I am a Registered Social Worker who practices from a client-centred, intersectional, anti-oppressive lens. I can help you identify thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are getting in the way of your goals, unpack painful experiences, and help you build a more self-aware, mindful, and kind relationship with yourself.

Anika Dhalla - Registered Dietitian

Anika Dhalla is a Nutrition Holistic Registered Dietitian with a passion for exploring cultural cuisines and promoting intuitive eating. I take a holistic approach to nutrition, working with individuals who have chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, IBS, GERD, and more, as well as those with eating disorders or disordered eating patterns. Rather than prescribing diets or restrictions, my approach is individualized and supportive, helping clients create sustainable habits grounded in intuitive eating.

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