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Dietitian in Hamilton showing healthy food options

Discovery Call - FREE

During the FREE 20-minute discovery call is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and learn more about my expertise. I learn why you are seeking a dietitian and what we can do to achieve your goals. I am here to work WITH you!

Initial Consultation

Comprehensive 1-hour assessment where I work to review of your diet, lifestyle, medical history and more. This information helps to better understand your specific nutrition needs based on habits and food views in order to provide you with a unique nutrition plan.

Dietitian Consultation for healthy food options
Dietitian Service in Hamilton

Follow Up

This 45-minute service includes a review of your dietary and supplemental recommendations based on your nutrition needs and bloodwork. I help to guide my clients closer to their goals. Follow-Up Sessions are a great way to build a foundation for sustainable health habits.

Webinar Info

Webinars and seminars are one of my great passions. I work with companies and organizations to help provide education to the workplace on nutrition, weight inclusivity, diversity & cultural foods, and so much more.

Hamilton Dietitian Webinar
Registered Dietitian Anika Dhalla

Anika Dhalla - Nutiriton holistic Registered Dietitian

Anika Dhalla is a Nutrition Holistic Registered Dietitian with a passion for exploring cultural cuisines and promoting intuitive eating. I take a holistic approach to nutrition, working with individuals who have chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, IBS, GERD, and more, as well as those with eating disorders or disordered eating patterns. Rather than prescribing diets or restrictions, my approach is individualized and supportive, helping clients create sustainable habits grounded in intuitive eating.

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